orSlow New Yorker Shorts
Shorts for adults corresponding to spring and summer appeared. NEW YORKER is made by imagining "PANTS worn by New Yorkers when jogging". A 100% cotton ripstop fabric with outstanding strength is used although it is thin and light fabric feeling....
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This is a shorts of light ounces easy to wear using the fabric of Wabash stripe. The details of work pants seen in the early 1900s such as suspenders buttons, exposed rivets, hookless zippers, etc. are adopted. Because it is...
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EG fatigue shorts made from thin cotton polyester fabric. There is a belt loop, but there is a draw cord inside so you can fine-tune the waist without a belt.It is denim, but it has a slightly shiny texture, so...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Ghurka Short - Paisley Print
Ghurka shorts from ENGINEERED GARMENTS have appeared in paisley pattern. These shorts have both design and storage features, with a total of six pockets on the front, back and sides. It is paisley pattern, but gives impression that it is...
¥31,900 ¥22,330
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Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane NOS GRAY DENIM BERMUDAS
An original mfsc pattern inspired by vintage late 1950’s and early 1960’s casual slacks with a classic, slim silhouette. Mid-to-high rise. The Continental Bermudas are designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in USA in collaboration with Sugar Cane...
¥21,384 ¥12,830
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Buzz Rickson's Gold Tiger Short Pants TYPE2
During the Vietnam War, the American army had the style of "Gold Tiger", one of many tiger stripe patterns. The cargo shirts here have this pattern with 6 pockets. With military style button fly and square design on the pocket...
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HAVERSACK 6.5oz Selvedge Denim Belt Short Pants
In the delicate item, you can see the off-white full of the enthusiasm of "selvedge denim=ear-attached denim". Putting tuck into and making relaxing style of leg, combining with belt on waist, you won't miss it when you wanna show no...
¥17,600 ¥10,560
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Fatigue Short - 14W Corduroy
The light corduroy is why the fatigue short classic and popular. The facade pocket with wide and L-shape design, the opposite pocket on hip with flap, are the way the shirt is fashionable. The adaptable string inside and moderate design...
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HAVERSACK Indigo Linen Denim Shorts
It’s a denim short using linen on the surface. The high waisted design creates neat feeling. You will feel fashionable when you just dress simple tops up merely. Hem is designed widely, so it’s great to dress fitting tops up....
¥22,000 ¥11,000
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