SUGAR CANE Hickory Stripe L/S Work Shirt
This work shirt is made of thick, firm hickory fabric, with three needle stitching, cat-eye buttons, and The flap pockets on both chests and many other work-oriented details are included in this item.As you wear it, the fabric will soften...
  • Black
  • Off White
  • Red
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orSlow US Army Shirt GREEN USED
This is a military shirt using the original back satin fabric. Based on the US Army shirt, this shirt can be worn as just a shirt or a shirt jacket and has a length that is not too long and...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Combo Short Collar Shirt - Bandana Patchwork
小ぶりな襟とフライフロントによるドレッシーな仕様が特徴のショートカラーシャツ。装飾的なディテールや、表側に表れるステッチを省いたシンプルなデザインが、素材の個性を引き出すアイテムです。バンダナ柄素材をパッチワークのように切り替えたコンボ仕様。生地の繋ぎ目をあえて外側に見せるように縫製し、ラフなニュアンスも漂います。   LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE XXS(JP XS) 72cm / 28.5in 45.5cm / 18in 53cm / 21in 56.5cm / 22in XS(JP S) 73.5cm / 29in 46cm / 18in 56cm / 22in 58cm / 23in S(JP M) 77cm / 30.5in 48cm...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS 19 Century BD Shirt - Leopard Print
ENGINEERED GARMENTSを代表する定番アイテム。 特徴的な裾のデザインや、脇下のガゼット、深めのサイドスリットなど、個性的なディテールが多数取り入れられており、19世紀に作られたドレスシャツをモチーフにデザインされています。 縫製は手間と時間をかけたシングルニードルで行われているため、縫い目の美しさと高い耐久性を兼ね備えています。   LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE XS(JP S) 78.2cm / 31in 47cm / 18.5in 51cm / 20in 57cm / 22.5in S(JP M) 80cm / 31.5in 47cm / 18.5in 55cm / 21.5in 59cm / 23in M(JP L) 83.5cm...
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Rebuild by Needles Flannel Shirt / Ribbon Shirt S
This is the Ribbon Flannel Shirt by Rebuild by Needles. The design is a one-of-a-kind piece made by deconstructing old clothes and reconstructing them to create a unique impact and personality.   LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE S 77.5cm / 30.5in...
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NEEDLES Cabana Shirt - Cotton Cloth / Polka Dot Emb.
NEEDLES classic cabana shirt with a resort atmosphere. Because it is an open-collar shirt, you can wear it with just this one piece. The soft dot pattern like a soap bubble is very fashionable. Looking closely, the dot pattern is...
¥26,400 ¥18,480
  • Off White
  • Mocha
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The work shirt has jean cord stripe and is woven by low count color threads. The material is a little hard making it strong. For working purpose, the elbow is strengthened by double-woven. Easy to dress up and be fashionable...
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HAVERSACK Supima Cotton Oxford Round Collar Shirt
The shirt here with round collar is classic item of HAVERSACK. The slightly small and open round collar are designed as chin strap. It has classic style and neat modern image. The material is the one suitable to simply dressing...
¥15,400 ¥10,780
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SUGAR CANE F.R 7oz. Cotton Covert Pullover Shirt
From the popular line "FICTION ROMANCE" of SUGAR CANE, it is the appearance of "COVERT SHIRT" that reprinted the clothes that American workers wore at the time. Vintage zipper "TARON", reprinted in the shape at the time. The urea button...
¥18,480 ¥11,088
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Buzz Rickson's CHAMBRAY WORK SHIRT 2 Colors
Work Shirt made for the US Navy Officer in 1958. At that time the chambray weave was taken lightly, and the soft touch was the feature. Double stitch is done at the time of stitching and towards the hem side...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS 19 Century BD Shirt Paisley
19世紀に作られたドレスシャツをモチーフにデザインされた〈ENGINEERED GARMENTS〉を代表する定番アイテム。重なり合うようにラウンドした裾のデザインや、脇下のガゼット、深く取られたサイドスリットなど、特徴的なディテールが多数取り入れられています。縫製は手間と時間のかかるシングルニードルで行われており、縫い目の美しさと高い耐久性を兼ね備えています。落ち着いたカラーリングと繊細なタッチのペイズリープリントが目を引く一着です。   LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE XXS(JP XS) 74cm / 29in 46cm / 18in 54cm / 21.5in 56.5cm / 22in XS(JP S) 79cm / 31in 47cm / 18.5in 55cm / 21.5in 58.5cm / 23in S(JP M) 80cm / 31.5in...
  • Olive/Purple
  • Black/Brown
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Banded Collar Shirt - White 100's 2Ply Broadcloth
This band collar shirt from Engineered Garments is made of 100 count twisted yarn, which gives it a luxurious feel.It has a general silhouette, but the flap pockets and straps, as well as the large zippered pockets, give it a...
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SUGAR CANE FR 8.5oz. Red Wabash Stripe
The red color is now available from SUGAR CANE's classic wobash stripe shirt. The silhouette isn't too big, so you can use it as an inner wear. It goes great with a vest or a jean jacket.   LENGTH SHOULDER...
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FDMTL Boro Zip Pocket Shirt Rinse
This shirt features a bold pocket in damaged fabric. The silhouette is wide and has a drop-shoulder design.The pockets zip open vertically and are large enough to easily put in small items.   LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE 2(JP M US...
¥25,300 ¥17,710
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orSlow Stand Collar Sleeve Shirt Denim
This denim shirt is made in a size that is loose in shoulder width and body width. The collar at the neck gives a neat and clean look.   Features original snap buttons with the orslow logo. This denim shirt...
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FDMTL Oversized Tie Dye Shibori Shirt
It is a FDMTL shirt featuring a thunder-shaped by tie-dye.By shifting the position of the armhole to a unique design like a kite. The material is 100% cotton. It is also attractive that the collar part is hard to collapse because...
¥24,200 ¥14,520
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NEEDLES One - up Cowboy Shirt - Poly Cloth
Needles cowboy shirt featuring flap pockets on both breasts, snap buttons and a curved yoke.The glossy black snap buttons create a sense of luxury. The cat eye button is used for the top button. Sleeves can be adjusted with snap...
¥31,900 ¥22,330
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It is a shirt sewn using 2 way stretch material which stretches both lengthwise and breadthwise. Sashiko style same colored fabric is used for chest pocket with zipper.Since pockets are also attached to the waist, you can use it as...
¥20,350 ¥11,988
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Rebuild by Needles Flannel Shirt -> 7 Cuts Shirt M
A shirt re-constructed with different individuals after vertically cutting old clothes and breaking them apart.The unique texture of USED and the unique expression created by combining with other individuals are attractive. LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE M(US S) 76cm / 30in...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Spread Collar Shirt - 100's 2Ply Broadcloth Floral
It is a spread collar shirt of ENGINEERED GARMENTS. Although the length is made longer, the texture of the shirt has luster and smoothness due to the use of fine yarn, so it does not look too casual. Also, since...
¥28,600 ¥20,020
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The co-product is from the STYLE EYES, brought the style in 50's in prime of life of America, and the living legend of rock in the world, the "STRAY CATS", going to celebrate their 40th anniversary. It combines the design...
¥25,300 ¥15,180
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The SHORT COLLAR SHIRT features narrow lower hem and fly front. Decorating detail and stitch on the exterior are so simple that make it as a classic shirt for showing unique personality. Besides, it mixes unique, Navy blue-based and flower-patterned...
¥33,000 ¥23,100
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Cagoule Shirt - Brushed HB Brown
A hood-attached pullover with Herringbone pattern is made of cotton. There is string that you can diversify your styles. In the early fall, the cloth is well-suitable for outdoor for its wide feature and loose feeling that makes you feel...
¥31,900 ¥20,735
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The transparent pllover shirt is unisex.The shirt is airy because it is made from cotton typewriter textile, a material made from long, thin and delicate string, by plain weave. The design is box style that is wide and has pockets...
¥17,380 ¥12,166
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