This is a tropical coat made for the US Army in tropical areas. Since this is made for hot areas, it is specially weaved to enhanced breathability. The design is characterized by three-dimensional flap pockets attached diagonally. Furthermore, the placket...
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While the silhouette of the kimono, it is a half coat with modernity by adding front pockets and side slits. A firm material with lattice pattern is used as the base, and another fabric is used for the pocket. Because...
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In the way of traditional work cloth in Japan, Samue, the item here combined both Japanese charm with original rigid denim from orSlow. The strips inside and outside tied, wearing with shirts or thin jackets or without tying the strips...
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SOUTH2 WEST8 Zipped Coat - Wax Coating
This mountain coat is produced by cotton and is coated with wax. According to the surface, it has different permeability. According to the fleece inside, it has good thermal-retention and wind-proof. It has fashionable design, the eye-catching zipper pockets. With...
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HAVERSACK Grandrelle Twist Robe Coat
Robe coat featuring asymmetric front body and A-line silhouette.The drawcord of the waist is different from the detachable one, it has a distinctive sense of luxury, you can enjoy the variation of dressing.For the material, twill surge of original grandrelle...
¥80,667 ¥47,520
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The shirt jacket is made by the design based on pajama full of relaxing feeling. Plus, the material is thin, light and having good texture material, typewriter cotton. Simply putting on without tightening buttons, wearing it in the middle layer,...
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NEEDLES Down Samue Coat - Ripstop
The outer coat has working cloth motif made from luxurious material of down hair. They are proud of the thermal retentivity and weight. They produce the light and firm coat with cotton even though cotton is easy to be broken...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Shawl Collar Reversible Coat - Homespun / Cotton Double Cloth
Here is a reversible coat made from material wool homespun and double-woven cotton. Its design is wide image with shawl collar in the front and removable belt. It's made from the material with totally different expression inside and outside to...
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ENGINEERED GARMENTS Highland Parka - Cotton Double Cloth
Now we are going to introduce classic one made by material with double weaving cotton, Highland Parka. Based on the design of Mods coat of military parker of M-51, you will be smart to show yourself generously no matter for...
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The quilting long coat has thin denim material on the surface, polyester inside with soft stuffing and the original and creative pattern on the half belt. Then the special atmosphere is coming out. LENGTH CHEST SLEEVE 2 (JP M/US S)...
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